How to extend the duration of your battery from your iPhone

How to extend the duration of your battery from your iPhone
    If there is something that bothers more users of cell phones, you are losing battery power while on the phone. This has happened to almost everyone, and at least once it trapped it completely surprise. When you run a cell phone as powerful as the iPhone, it is easy to understand why the battery power begins to drain. When you are listening to your favorite song, check your email and text messages several friends at a time, you require many of the cell phones. Therefore, you will start draining your cell phone from the battery life faster than you thought.

    Although, on the Apple website, they clearly explain the expectations of battery life, they only include the information if it is running an application at a time. However, if iPhone users are known for anything, it is because of its ability to multitasking. However, multitasking means a shorter duration of the battery.
However, there are several things you can do so that the battery life of your iPhone is even more. Of course, the iPhone is not known to drain its extremely fast battery, there is always room for long battery performance. If you follow these tips, then you will have an iPhone that lasts longer than you could imagine. Maybe the best advice that someone with an iPhone can follow is simply turn off your Bluetooth if you are not using it. Very small people understand that when it keeps its bluetooth on, when you are not using it, you are draining your battery.

    This is because there is an established amount of power that is controlled by the Bluetooth section of your iPhone, and the power is draining because the phone is constantly looking for other Bluetooth devices. If you do not want to pair with a Bluetooth device, make sure your Bluetooth is turned off.
Another tip to make the duration of your battery on your iPhone finally again close your iPhone when you have finished using it. When you have finished talking on the phone with your best friend, check your email or send a text message, be sure to activate the lock button. Many people expect the screen to turn off by itself after they use it, while this may seem like a great idea, it is losing the life of the battery in doing so. Also, be sure to set your automatic block because this is an excellent way to make sure your phone is blocked only in case you forget it. There are many iPhone owners who set their automatic lock for five minutes after use.

    However, if you multiply these five minutes of energy use for ten times a day, your battery will not last it, as long as you think. This is the reason why it is always suggested that you configure your automatic block for one minute (1) after completing it with your phone. This will ensure that the iPhone screen will not be kept on when it is not being used. If you want to have a problem-free way to save the battery life, it is the way to do it.